Salient Features

  • Made from close grained Cast Iron Casting conforming to Grade FG-220 of IS-210 (equivalent to GG20 / FT20 / 30-A). Higher grades also offered on request.
  • Casting duly stress relieved.
  • All the faces offered duly hand-scrapped finish. Also offered in lapped finish upon request.
  • Finer accuracies can also be achieved on request, at extra cost.
  • Teak-ply storing case provided on request, at extra cost.


Standard Sizes of Machine Checking Square (Frame Type)

Sizes (in mm) L x B x HFlatness micronsSquareness micronsParallelism microns
300 x 300 x 50466
400 x 400 x 50 4810
500 x 500 x 5081010
600 x 600 x 5081010