Precision Measuring Machines

Measurement is the essence of precision tool fabrication as each minute value can bring about a major change. JASH offers measuring machines with 3D coordinate compilation and layout marking capabilities. Leave no scope for errors in measured values with our state of the art measuring machines.

JASH is well diversified in supplying Layout Marking & Measuring Machine and 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines that have a wide variety of uses in measuring and marking purposes. We manufacture fully indigenous 3-D Coordinate Measuring & Layout Marking Machines in different versions/models, JASH SIGMA series Bridge type measuring machines, that are most precise of all, running on aerostatics bearings. JASH Adroit series horizontal arm cantilever type measuring machines and JASH Swift series Twin Column horizontal arm cantilever type Layout Marking machines meant for pre-machining marking large size components. 

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