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Large size Angle Plates

  • Large size Angle Plates
  • Large size Angle Plates
  • Large size Angle Plates
  • Large size Angle Plates

Large size Angle Plates - Overview

JASH Large size C.I. Angle Plates (Individual / Stacked) provide a practical means for clamping and holding work in vertical position for layout, tooling and machining. Angle plates are also used as a vertical reference for inspection. Angle plates in different sizes make ideal fixtures for milling, drilling and boring operations on machine tools.

Salient Features

  • Made from close grained plain cast iron conforming to grade FG 220 of IS: 210 (equivalent to GG20/FT20/30-A). Higher grades also offered on request.
  • Casting stress relieved to relieve internal stresses.
  • These angle plate are offered in varied sizes and configuration. They can be made in single piece or in two sections that can be used either single or in combination for comprehensive applications.
  • Customized and specifically designed as per loading requirement.
  • The vertical working surface is machined finish having flatness and perpendicularity between table face and vertical working surface as per DIN 875.
  • Normally supplied with machined clamping type T-slots of size 22,28,36 or 42 mm confirming to IS: 2013, having H12 tolerance along the length (Horizontal). T-Slots along the height (Vertical and with better tolerance can also be offered on request at extra cost.)

Standard Sizes of Large size Angle Plates

Sizes Available (in mm)
1200 1000 600
1500 1500 900
1500 1200 1000
1600 900 900
1676 1524 1200
2000 1500 1200
2200 700 1100
2500 1000 1400
3000 1500 1200
5000 1300 2000
Multi Pieces
2896 1554 1220
2896 3048 1220
4270 1220 1830

Other sizes can be offered on request.