Certificate ISO Veritas

Large Size Box Table & Riser Blocks

Large Size Box Table & Riser Blocks - Overview

JASH Large Size Cast Iron Box Table (Individual / Stacked) serves as a versatile tool for layout machine set – ups, tooling and inspection of large jobs. They can also be used as right angles and squares.

Salient Features

  • Made from close grained plain cast iron conforming to grade FG 220 of IS: 210 (equivalent to GG20/FT20/30-A). Higher grades also offered on request.
  • Casting stress relieved to relieve internal stresses.
  • These can be made in single piece or in two sections that can be used either single or in combination for comprehensive applications for jobs or fixtures.
  • Customized and specifically designed as per loading requirement.
  • The vertical working surface is machined finish having flatness and perpendicularity between table face and top face with vertical working surface as per DIN 875.
  • The T-slots on vertical face as well as on top face provided along and / or across the length, as required.

Standard Sizes of Large Size Box Table & Riser Blocks

Standard Sizes for Cast Iron Riser Block (Size L x B x H) in mm
300 x 140 x 500
500 x 200 x 500
600 x 300 x 500
1000 x 350 x 1000
1200 x 800 x 400
2000 x 800 x 400
Standard Sizes for Cast Iron Box Table (Size L x B x H) in mm
300 x 400 x 300
300 x 400 x 600
450 x 600 x 900
600 x 750 x 1200
750 x 700 x 900
750 x 900 x 1000
750 x 900 x 1800