Adherence to quality standards is a mandatory requirement for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of precision tools. The absence of quality will eliminate “precision” from precision tools with the entire purpose of the tools being rendered ineffective. Our efforts for achieving high quality levels stems from our vision of being the leader in precision engineering and manufacturing.

We, at Jash Precision Tools Ltd, understand the importance of quality in products and services. With an experience spanning 50 years involving manufacturing of precision tooling equipment and inspection instruments (standard variants and custom product manufacturing), we provide complete assurance for the quality of our products. The quality monitoring process is aimed at:

  • Achieving high levels of precision and detailed outcome for the manufactured products.
  • Reduction in setup time for machine dependent operations.
  • Boosting production levels with enhanced efficiency.
  • Minimizing rejection rate for manufactured products.
  • Ensuring increased reliability for manufactured products.
  • Incorporating current trends and environmental changes to the quality monitoring process for providing the best in class precision tool and inspection solutions.

How Do We Assure High Quality Standards:

Jash Precision Tools Ltd has one of the most advanced and meticulously designed office infrastructure which enables it to analyze as well as monitor the quality of its products with immense attention to detail. Our quality metrics cover the entire manufacturing process from conceptualization to post production testing. Be it a standard variant or a custom product, our quality process ensures the evaluation of the finest details.

Our comprehensive In-House facilities comprise of:

  • 3D Parametric Modeling Software for Product Designs Creation and Conceptualization
  • Simulation of Casting and Casting Design
  • Dedicated Pattern Shop
  • Ferrous Foundry
  • State of the Art Materials Testing Lab
  • Stress Relieving Facility
  • General Purpose & Precision Machining
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Extensive Inspection Facilities

The fact that our in-house facilities have state of the art technology with highly qualified teams operating these equipment, our customers can be assured of high precision capabilities and reliability of our products. With such strict control measures, we have been able to uphold delivery times and product manufacturing by complying with stated specifications (quantitative and qualitative).