Bed Clamping

Eliminate distortion and facilitate accurate inspection with JASH’s Bed, Clamping and Welding Plates. The products in this category serve as excellent reference bases for inspection, tool making, spot marking, layout operations and gauging. Enhance the precision of your welding methods with high quality plates, clamps and welding beds.

JASH is a prominent manufacturer of Cast Iron T-Slotted Bed Plates (also known as Test Beds) used for testing of Automotives & Automotive components, Engine, Electrical Rotating equipment / Motors, Pumps as well as machine tools application. Clamping Rails can be an economical option that could be grouted on the floor as per the required pitch. On the other hand Welding Tables or Welding Platens is the most reliable option when it comes to the usage say for fabrication or metal forming as it has large application in Shipyards, Railways and other fabrication based companies.

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