Fabricated Products

Fabrication is the utmost important need of any kind of production. This involves lot of engineering and knowledge to define a brand. Fabrication is an additive type of manufacturing process in which two or more metallic parts are shaped as per the design and assembled together permanently or temporarily, to produce a final product manufactured for its intended function. The process of shaping can be cutting, shearing, bending, stamping etc. and subsequently assembling through fastening or welding. 

JASH offers various highly precise fabricated products to cater different industrial needs.  We offer Body frames, end shields and other parts for Motors and generators, Fabricated Stainless steel enclosure in Gas Insulated and Air Insulated switch gears for power sector industries, Fabricated Frames and other components for loco applications. We are into adoption of every precise technique to deliver excellence in  Fabricated Products.

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