Tilting Table is a useful accessory for setting work at an angle for milling or other operations. The table has machined T-slots along length and can swing up to 45° on either side.
For setting purposes a degree scale, reading minimum one degree, is graduated on the end face of cylindrical base itself. This ensures better setting accuracy. The table is set manually to the required tilt and is locked in the set position by means of two locking clamps held through bolts.

Salient Features

  • Made from close grained plain cast iron conforming to grade FG 220 of IS 210 (equivalent to GG20 / FT20 / 30-A). Higher grades also offered on request.
  • Castings stress relieved to relieve internal stresses.
  • Table top and base are flat and parallel within 0.05 mm per 300 mm.
  • T-slots are parallel to the edge of the table and the cylindrical base within 0.05 mm per 300 mm.
  • Offered in sizes as shown in the table.


Standard Sizes of Tilting Table

SizesT-Slot Details
L x B x H (in mm)Size of T-slots (mm)No.of T-slotsPitch of T-slots (mm)
300 x 150 x 11014350
400 x 300 x 200143100
450 x 225 x 15014365
500 x 500 x 300143300
610 x 305 x 200143200
1000 x 500 x 300184125