5 S – A Work Space Management System
This methodology helps to organise the workplace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the used items, maintaining the work place area and sustenance of the newly defined way of working.

It also improves the decision-making ability and focuses on the standardization.

This system gives us the better visual management in the workplace which has a better impact in work place operations.

This system is devised in Japan and based on the five Japanese words.

1S – Seiri – Sort
2S – Seiton – Arrange in Order
3S – Seiso – Shine / Clean
4S – Seiketsu – Standardise
5S – Shitsuke – Sustain

1. Sort

a) Make a list of all items / parts present in the workplace are to find out unwanted items / parts.
b) Segregate all unwanted items / parts, not used in last 6 months.
c) Define Red-tag area and place these items / parts in that area.
d) Invite other department colleagues to view the items / parts red tag area to check the need of these items / parts in their work place area.
e) Make a team of senior management to decide on the disposal action of the parts / items placed in the Red Tag area.
f) Dispose the selected items / parts, generates funds, removes waste and improves work place area availability.

2. Arrange in order

a) Arrange components / parts / items depending upon the frequency of its usage, being placed nearest to the work place.
b) All parts / items / components / tools should be arranged as close as possible to its point of use.
c) This shall be done in regular intervals.
d) This improves retrieval time, accessibility and minimizes the search time.

3. Shine

a) Work place cleaning in regular intervals.
b) Habit of cleaning as carrying out inspection.
c) From a distance, the person shall be find out the problem in less than 30 seconds.
d) This helps to make workplace safe, easy to work and should be pleasing.
e) It can minimize the deterioration of machinery & equipment.

4. Standardisation

a) Make a routine plan / schedule for practicing the first three steps.
b) Educate / aware others about the responsibilities of carrying out Sorting, arranging and cleaning.
c) Make use of signages / visual controls / photos to keep all the things as it should be.
d) The components / parts / items present at work place shall have color coding.
e) It shall help to create a structure which ensures consistency in the 5S implementation.

5. Sustain

a) Habit of happening the things without being asked for, this culture shall be developed.
b) Regular monitoring and auditing is necessary.
c) Train the new entrants to the related workplace and check the effectiveness.
d) Maintain self-discipline the work place area.
e) Follow the laid down procedures, schedules but have a open mind for further improvements


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