Welding Equipment
We hope our previous blog—Types of Welding Used in Industry, enlightened you and proved to be helpful. Well, this time we would learn about the various equipment used for welding.

There are several types of equipment used for welding which makes the welding process easier, safer and more efficient.

Here is a list of 5 welding equipment that you should use for welding:

Auto-darkening Helmet- The flap of the traditional welding helmets have to be opened and closed several times while welding (to examine the welded joint). This is because the dark lense of the helmet does not change the tint as it is permanent. An auto-darkening helmet, on the other hand, changes the shade of the lens in no time with the help of LCD technology. This means a welder does not have to lift and pull down the flap every time he/she checks the joint. An auto-darkening helmet saves a lot of time of the welder, making the whole process more efficient.

Sheet Metal Gauge– A sheet metal gauge is a small piece of metal that simplifies the tough job of measuring the thickness of the metal. Every welding has a different setting that is to be welded on, and it depends on the thickness of the metal. Estimating the thickness of the metal from naked eyes is nearly impossible. A sheet metal gauge is a metal ring with varying size of teeth (that are actually different gauges) on the circumference that gives you the exact size of the thickness of the metal sheet.

Welding Clamps– Welding clamps are one of the most important tools required for welding (especially a metal sheet). As welders, you must have experienced that the metal which is welded on, warps. This is caused due to the heat of the flame and is inevitable. Welding clamps help in stay put your work and avoids warpage. The more welding clamps you use, the lesser are the chances of warpage.

Welding Gloves– This is something for the personal safety rather than a welding tool. They are a must for a welder and without them, a welder is like a soldier with armor. Welding is a task involving severely high temperatures; picking up hot metal pieces, handling the hot metal etc. A human hand could only do all those things with a protection and that protection is welding gloves. Apart from resisting the heat, these gloves help in acting against electric shocks.

Angle Grinder– In machining process, grinders are used to cutting anything with an abrasive (wheel). In welding, grinding is most commonly used to smoothen the weld beads. Weld beads as you know are the just like stitches which join two pieces of cloth. Although, these stitches (weld beads) in welding have to be smoothened and the best way to do it is by using angle grinders. Angle grinders are handy grinders that can be rested on any angle giving complete freedom to a welder to grind the weld beads.

We hope you would add this equipment to your list of welding tools and they would be extremely helpful.


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